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”I survived the summer without buying straw bags, offshoulder tops, mules, block heels, flower printed bomber jackets, cap toed flats, weird tiny fur animal bag charms, high waisted mom jeans, … and whatever else was trending. When it’s everywhere, it dilutes the pleasure somehow. I did warm up to the color – dusty pink. I haven’t warmed up to the opulence of Gucci. Alessandro Michele says: “We are animals. We should not have rules”. He makes me smile. Velvet, corduroy, loud prints, a mishmash of textures, animal claw hardware … The 90s are back with a vengeance ? Zara looks like Gucci these days. It used to look like Celine. When I see articles on “how to include this season’s trends’ in my feed, I smirk and say: ‘I don’t have to. Thank you very much’.”

– Archana, To Universe, With Love


Whats in my bag

whats in my bag2

I’m a kind of person that only takes the essentials with them when they leave the house, if I bring more I instantly regret it because I really dont like carrying a lot of stuff. This is whats in my bag:

  • Phone
  • Card holder (x)
  • Keys
  • A lipstick for touching up / to hydrate my lips (x) (x)

For longer days I also bring

  • My bullet journal and a pen
  • Water
  • Eyelash curler
  • Camera (Olympus) for when I’m visiting a pretty place

My selection of bags:  12345